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What has been the most challenging/rewarding/surprising aspect of your volunteer placement?

The most challenging thing has been to learn to talk to myself. At Jubilee Nursing Home, where I volunteer, there are several residents who either can't speak or find it difficult and therefore don't try. A big part of my duty at Jubilee is to visit with people during a show and kind of be with them. This can get awkward when you don't know who doesn't talk. There have been a few times where I have had to carry on a conversation with myself because getting up seemed rude or inapporpriate at the time. I have gotten better, though, and I am learning who all doesn't talk. 

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Mount Carmel Bible College is a one year discipleship school in the city of Edmonton, Alberta. Combining college-level Bible courses with weekly volunteer work and regular ministry trips, Mount Carmel creates a unique, close-knit Christian community that encourages and supports personal transformation. At a total cost of less than $5700, our program includes local missions, retreats, and service as well as travel and adventure–students spend over a month together on the road. Ultimately our mission is to “disciple willing Christians to a deeper, more passionate commitment to God and others; expressed through increasing knowledge, love, and service”. View our Privacy Policy