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This week, talk about something that you may not have noticed about your Volunteer Placement.

All of the staff and volunteers at my placement have very different tasks and roles to play but they each do their part diligently and cheerfully. I noticed this in the past couple of weeks and realized that it is such a great example of how the Church is to be. The Church is to be a group of people using their abilities to serve and love others. Everyone in the Church has a different role to play and no one role is above the other, and we are all using our diversity to bring unity. I have also noticed the staff's selflessness, love and joy in Christ. They are a great example to me and I have got to strive to have those same characteristics

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Mount Carmel Bible College is a one year discipleship school in the city of Edmonton, Alberta. Combining college-level Bible courses with weekly volunteer work and regular ministry trips, Mount Carmel creates a unique, close-knit Christian community that encourages and supports personal transformation. At a total cost of $6500, our program includes local missions, retreats, and service as well as travel and adventure–students spend over a month together on the road. Ultimately our mission is to “disciple willing Christians to a deeper, more passionate commitment to God and others; expressed through increasing knowledge, love, and service”. View our Privacy Policy