Tuition & Fees

We work hard to stay affordable without hidden costs. Mount Carmel students pay about one third of the total cost of their education. The rest is supplied through donations by individuals and churches committed to growing disciples. Jump into the whole Carmel experience for under $6000—that includes fees for retreats, trips, textbooks, etc. 

2018 – 2019 FEES

      SEMESTER 1      SEMESTER 2    TOTAL 
 APPLICATION FEE        $    50  
 TUITION           $1900           $1900    $3800
 TRIPS & RETREATS           $  800           $  850    $1650
 STUDENT ACTIVITY FEE           $  125           $  125    $  250
            $2825           $2875    $5750

Semester One Fees Due:           September 28, 2018
Semester Two Fees Due:           January 31, 2019


Textbooks are available to purchase through the Mount Carmel Office.

+ Books costs up to $250 for the college year, due at time of purchase.

Students who are not still living at home are responsible to arrange their own housing. Shared accommodation and food costs could be as cheap as $500 per month. Students should probably expect living costs of up to $600 per month.

InterChange Thailand Costs:
Mount Carmel offers a two to three week international missions exposure trip (currently to Thailand) in May each year. The fees listed for this trip are estimates only, and subject to change.

+ InterChange Thailand (May 2019)            ~$2700