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Summer Camp Teams

Posted June 25, 2015

Once again this summer, Mount Carmel will send a team of graduates to eight different camps through July and August. This group will serve camps, care for campers, and represent Mount Carmel. Our camp team ministry costs Mount Carmel about $8000 each summer and is made possible only through the generosity of donors.

Summer Short Report Highlights

Posted June 2, 2015

In our latest Short Report you'll find:

• Wayne riding a go-cart
• A beautiful graduation blessing by Elly
• An invitation to our upcoming "Night of Prayer"
• A grad photo where not-quite-everyone is looking in the same direction
• An fun & interactive flowchart poster for you to hang in your church or living room
• Some great quotes from real students
• Info on our summer camp teams
• Some bitter-sweet staff updates