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I ❤ My Youth Leader

Posted October 8, 2015

Earlier this year, thanks to the generous response of a small group of supporters, Mount Carmel was able to launch an exciting, interactive, and multi-faceted promotions campaign that wove together radio, social media, print, video and church networking elements.

Elijah Run Race Results

Posted September 21, 2015

We had a great time of food and fellowship again at this year's Carmel Community BBQ and Elijah Run. A special thank-you is in order to all our event volunteers that made our day so much easier. And a big congratulations to our top Elijah Run participants: Brynn Friesen (top female runner, 23:29) and Nathanael Tabert (top male runner, 19:32)! 

Of course the first-ever MC-Mile had some interesting moments as well! Marissa Tabert placed first in the under 16 division (10:56), and Jeremy Bryant won in the adult division (9:23). 

Bringing Back the Gap Year

Posted June 30, 2015

Want to help kids succeed in college? at The Washington Post

A gap-year is an investment in the whole person that allows kids to develop the maturity, independence and self-reliance necessary to make the most of a college education. A gap-year provides significant growth opportunities and helps students sidestep common freshman pitfalls. It can also give students the opportunity to take a step back to focus on their goals, leading to a stronger sense of direction once they’re back in the classroom.

This rings true from the comments we hear regularly from our alumni. Give your kids a gap-year experience at Mount Carmel.